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Shamanavi Jefferson never fails to send you on a journey of inner & outer dimensional realities/illusions that are full of psychedelic awareness. a trip for your third eye. very nice! :) Favorite track: MYSTERIOUS WAYS OF THE THUNDERWATER.
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Recorded in Columbia, South Carolina during the month of the "1,000 year flood" ~ {TRUE STORY:} The deal to make the recording was made only a few days before it happened. Recording engineer Chris Wenner was in "Triangle City", a mysterious vortex of Cayce/West Columbia when he noticed a clock in a store that was going backwards, which he asked to buy but for some strange reason was "not for $ale" ~ strangely this made him wonder if Jefferson ("Mayday Mayday") had arrived in America ~ within that hour, Jefferson texted Chris if he wanted any free music equipment, as he was in South Carolina to clean out his house venue of over a decade & childhood home of much longer known as the Immaginarium as it had been $old (as well as continue an ongoing film project about > time travel). Fortunately, the flood did not effect the house of the address 418 {ABRAHADABRA} which lies within a Fema flood zone, and is a block from the river and down the street from a swampy heritage preserve on a magical Cherokee trail. However it damaged many houses on the street, one at the end which almost falling into the very dauntingly high river. Thus the "guaranteed" house $ale fell through. {Financial complications persist & donations are very much appreciated to this FREE album which was recorded on OCT 21st, 2015 ~ also known as the day that the DeLorean went into the future.} This is the only JEFFERSON MAYDAY MAYDAY >official< release to date that is completely live in the studio and completely improvisational, although the pain staking means of reaching a particular spirited psychic level musically challenge a negation of such a loose definition as 'improv' or 'free'. It is also the first release to feature an outsider {other than occasional cameos by Octavia on previous release}. Logan Goldstein (on the beat) and Jefferson have a long history of playing together and have been pioneering this sound for quite some time. This attempt to capture a very specific heartened music was negotiated with the studio to hammer out several hours worth of magic until this one take was pulled out with many polarized smiles of overcoming the times of strange deluge. However, it was agreed without question before any music was even thought of commencing that 'Seaboard Studios' was hands down going to be the most mysteriously amazing surreal success of a session no matter how the music that was to be laid down would manifest itself. With an assimilated collection of analog equipment used by some of the world's most renowned influential artist of cosmic space~time, and the biggest bawse vibe layout one could ever ask for, there was a pure energy that filled the atmospheres allowing for these artists to penetrate the veil with accurate sub conscious percussive inundation. THIS RELEASE IS A SEND OUT OF HOPE, LOVE, & STRENGTH TO THOSE FRIENDS & FAMILIES EFFECTED BY THIS FLOOD WEATHER PHENOMENON ~ MAY THE LIGHT BRING YOU THE POWER TO RISE ABOVE THE SPLASHES ~ LOVE ETERNAL, OMNIVERSAL, & EXTRAGALACTIC!


released December 22, 2015

Jefferson Vimana : keys, Logan Goldstein : drums Chris Wenner : Recording engineering & production ~ with slight edit of track & minimal post production by way of Jefferson



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